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Multicurrency Account

Pay and Get Paid in Multiple Currencies  with Just a Single Multicurrency Account

Manage multiple currency transactions with your PayAlly multicurrency account.

Reduce transaction costs, manage foreign exchange volatility and improve your customers’ experience by allowing them to transact with you in their preferred currency.


Internal Multicurrency Account Number

When you open a PayAlly multicurrency account you instantly get assigned a unique account number. This will allow you to:

  • Reduce Costs with Less Intermediaries – Minimise unnecessary multi-jurisdiction payment fees, to include ForEx risks.
  • Gain Clear Visibility – Always stay on top of your overall net position per currency and protect them from unfavorable dips.
  • Centralise Reporting – Gain real-time visibility of available funds, allowing you to make informed decisions on how to manage cash and currency flow.
  • Standardise Payment Processes – With visibility to all of your foreign currency incomings and outgoings, you get to organise your operation the way you want it to be.


With a PayAlly multicurrency account, you gain access to a solid financial infrastructure so you can send and receive international payments with utmost efficiency.

  • Recognised Standard – As a trusted system used by financial institutions around the world, you can be assured of transparency and traceablity of all your international transactions.
  • Accessibility – Track financial activity, send and receive international transfers, set up bulk payments and explore competitive currency exchange rates in real-time.