Like other financial services, international payments have undergone considerable change over the last decade. Fintech solutions have proliferated. A new generation of alternative providers has stepped into areas that, not too long ago, were the exclusive preserve of banks.

But, while this positive change is welcome, it hasn’t gone far enough. For growing businesses in particular, complex and costly payment, foreign exchange (FX) and cash management processes are proving a brake on growth, just as they look to bounce back from the pandemic.

With limited resources of their own, these businesses struggle with arcane and inefficient international payments, which put them at a competitive disadvantage compared to larger, better served enterprises.

Happily, the situation is changing. The next evolution of international payments promises smarter and more integrated solutions. These one-stop-shops for international payments and cash management also offer a more bespoke and cost-effective service for businesses looking to grow.

In this paper, we’ll look at the increasing need for more seamless international payments options, the challenges that ambitious businesses face today, and the new solutions that are making cross-border transactions and cash management easier for everyone.


  • International Payments and Growing Businesses: the Background
  • The International Payments Landscape for Businesses with Global Ambitions
  • Current Challenges in International Payments
  • What the Next Evolution of B2B Payments Looks Like
  • The New Evolution of B2B Payments in Practice
  • Conclusion

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